Who is BTG


* Assumes role of Executive Creative Consultant to Disney Global Creative
* Continues role of Resident Wildlife Expert on Chelsea Lately with January 1st Winter Animal Special
* Left nipple injured by rogue Reindeer during Chelsea Lately Winter Animal Special
* BTG’s Los Angeles Townhouse burns down after a gas heater explodes at 2am in the morning.
* Approached to also become Resident Wildlife Expert on ‘The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson’.
* Develops new game-show for Oriental Dreamworks, Shanghai.
* Enters creative partnership discussions with Transmedia Capital, San Francisco


* Worldwide book sales pass 25 million.
* CreateWorldwide book sales pass 25 million.
* Creates ‘The Nature Of Creativity’ lecture, with over 20 wildlife species on stage.
* Delivers ‘The Nature Of Creativity’ lecture twice to Walt Disney Imagineering.
* Joins Betty White and Jane Goodall on stage to raise money for The Jane Goodall Institute.
* Assumes role of Resident Wildlife Expert on Chelsea Lately.
* Belly skewered by Porcupine on Chelsea Lately.
* Relocates to Alaska to research a new book on brown bears and Tlingit culture.
* Buys English-language gift-book rights to Bertrand Russell essay, ‘In Praise of Idleness’.
* Signs with United Talent Agency.
* Reunites with John Cleese in Victoria, Canada.
* Creates Racing Giants (aka The Pits) – NASCAR reality series.
* Shoots NASCAR pilot with partners, Director, Brendan Mallow and Co-Producer, Josh Agajanian
* Develops Talk-Show with former Oprah Producer, Kandi Amelon.
* Attends launch of Tasmanian Devil Exhibit at San Diego Zoo, as representative of TCSA.


* Relocates to Westchester, New York, to complete Curses and Blessings for All Occasions.
* Curses and Blessings for All Occasions is released.
* Bedtime Poems for Edible Children (with Libbi Gorr) is released.
* Undertakes Australian book tour for both titles.
* Signs several development deals with Banca Studio/Lionsgate
* Signs licensing deal with Dimensional Branding Group, San Francisco
* Delivers 10 week online lecture series, ‘The Fundamentals of Publishing Success’. for The Fortune Institute.


* Launches ‘The Lost Bear’ cartoon on Go Comics
* Travels to France with Amy to celebrate Al Zuckerman’s 80th Birthday.Relocates to Costa Rica to write The Obsequious Parrot (due 2012)
* New colourised edition of Friends To The End, released April
* Announces E-Book versions of The Blue Day Book, Dear Mum, and Every Day Is Christmas (due 2011/2012).
* Signs on to illustrate Bedtime Poems for Edible Children, by Libbi Gorr (due early 2012)


* Howard Gilman Foundation’s first writer in Residence at White Oak (Dec-January)
* The Blue Day Book 10th Anniversary Special Edition (in colour) released March.
* Walt Disney Imagineering’s first Executive Creative Consultant in Residence (Feb-March) (August to November)
* Falls head over heels in love with American Architect, Amy Melin – publicly declares all future life plans revolve around this remarkable woman.


* Worldwide sales pass 20 million
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 6 released in February
* Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats released in October


* Worldwide sales pass 18 million
* #17 in BDB series – Thank You for Being You released in April
* #18 in BDB series – I’m Sorry released in October


* #14 in BDB series – Dieting Causes Brain Damage released in January
* #15 in BDB series – Every Day is Christmas released in September
* # 16 in BDB series – A Teaspoon of Courage for Kids released in October
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 5 released in October


* #12 in BDB series – Friends to the End for Kids released April
* #13 in BDB series – A Teaspoon of Courage released July
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 3 won CBC Notable Book award
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 4 released October


* Worldwide sales pass 12 million
* #9 in BDB series – Dear Dad released
* #10 in BDB series – The Blue Day Book For Kids released
* Priceless: the vanishing beauty of a fragile planet won 2005 Skipping Stones Honour Award
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 2 won Children’s Book Council Notable Book Award
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 3 launched October
* #11 in BDB series – The Simple Truth About Love released
* The Blue Day Book For Kids won Mothers Choice Award
* Armadillo Brothers written
* Murdery Boo in development
* Became French Polynesian rock lifting champion


* #7 in BDB series – The Book For People Who Do Too Much released
* The Blue Day Book #9 on Italian best-seller list
* Continued chairing and promoting Australia’s leading prize for young poets, The Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize
* Undertook a free national lecture tour – Getting Published. The Ultimate Guide
* Signed up artist and author Emma Magenta who publishes The peril of magnificent love
* Great success on Brazil’s Best Seller list, with The Blue Day Book #5, Tomorrow #5, Dear Mum #2 and The Incredible Truth About Motherhood #4
* The Book For People Who Do Too Much #1 SMH non-fiction and self-help list
* The Book For People Who Do Too Much #5 NZ best seller list non-fiction
* #8 in BDB series – Friends to the End released
* Poems by Young Australians 2003 won APA Best Designed Children’s Non-fiction Book
* Produced Sunny and Blue music track and film clip
* Travelled to Antarctica to photograph and observe the rugged beauty
* Undertook medical testing for Russian cosmonaut training at Star City Moscow
* Poems by Young Australians Vol 2 released October 2004


* #5 in BDB series – The Incredible Truth About Motherhood released
* Has 5 operations as a result of training for The Australian Safari dirt bike rally championship to raise funds for the Taronga Foundation
* Launches the inaugural Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize
* Anthology of winning and commended poems, Poems by Young Australians 2003 published
* Achieves the goal of being published in six continents #6 in BDB series – Tomorrow. Adventures in an Uncertain World released
* Has a number of simultaneous best-sellers. BTG books are:

  • #1, #2, #4 and #5 on US Bookscan Gift books
  • #4 and #5 on New York Times ‘Advice’ Best-sellers
  • #1 and #2 on the UK The Times & Sunday Times Best-sellers
  • #1 in The Australian & Australian Bookscan

* Worldwide sales of all books reach 6.5 million by mid year
* Animated short film Show &Tell, written by BTG and produced and directed by Kapow Pictures, won Comgraph Animation Gold Award, Best Short Film at the US Telluride Film Festival and the International 3D Awards in Denmark. It was also nominated for an AFI Award


* #4 in BDB series – The Meaning of Life released
* Won fourth publishing award – NZ Best of the Non-Fiction Best-sellers
* Spent ten months on the road promoting books, including Priceless. The vanishing beauty of a fragile planet, collaboration with wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. All author royalties donated to the Taronga Foundation
* Recorded voice talent for albatross in Pixar’s Finding Nemo
* Autographed 23,000 books


* Dear Mum and Looking for Mr Right are released (#2 and #3 in BDB Series)
* Won three publishing awards – ABA Book of the Year, APA Most Innovative Publishing Venture of the Year & NZ Best of the Best-sellers
* Philanthropic and wildlife sponsorship plans grow beyond Taronga Zoo, Western Plains Zoo, & The Taronga Foundation, to incorporate cultural and environmental projects on most continents
* Conducted a pilgrimage to the US universities associated with Nobel prize winner, Richard Feynman
* Appointed as a Governor of the Taronga Foundation


* The Blue Day Book is released in April
* Completed The Incredible Truth About Motherhood
* Completed Looking for Mr Right
* Registered BTG Studios Pty Ltd
* Joined the ranks of the Taronga Foundation, supporting and sponsoring wildlife


* Secured international literary representation with Al Zuckerman, Writers House, New York
* Completed Dear Mum
* Finalist for National Greeting Card Art and Design Awards
* Completed 60 new greeting cards and 8 new wrap designs


* Completed The Blue Day Book
* Created, wrote and directed Agent Green, three-minute clay and cell animated pilot. Sold to Nickelodeon and launched worldwide (still screening)
* Commissioned by MTV Aust. to write & produce 30 sec bumper Seagull
* Released range of BTG wrapping paper & Valentine, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day & Christmas cards (box sets) and gift tags


* Solo, four-venue exhibition, Home For The Hollandaise
* Launched & exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
* Creative Consultant for MTV Australia through Agency VCD
* Launched collection of BTG greeting cards
* Designed and launched Lazy Bee bed through Theme Products


* Creative Consultant/Writer for Godfrey Bigot’s political comedy sketches on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight program
* Cartoons included in Phillip Adams’ contemporary Australian humour and satire anthology, Kookaburra, published by Penguin


* Launched Bradley Trevor Greive Cartoon Series (SMH – Stay In Touch)
* Held exhibition, Laughing With A Mouthful Of Cheese and launched six postcards featuring work from this exhibition
* Pitted himself against Members of Parliament at the 1995 Great Debate – and won


* Launched Fate cartoons in Manly Art Gallery and Museum Newsletter
* Youngest Feature Cartoonist for The Sydney Morning Herald (Stay in Touch) with launch of Great Beginnings series


* Gave up regimented life of the military elite to undertake a series of underpaid but creatively enlightening positions including stints in advertising, modeling and table waiting. Highlight was dressing up as a giant red M&M


* Paratroop Platoon Commander with 3rd Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (Para)
* Specialist Qualifications include: Airborne Operations, Air Mobile Operations, Survival, Mine Warfare & Anti Handling Devices (Instructor), Heavy Weapons – Direct Fire Weapons, Anti-Armour, Heavy Machine Guns (Instructor)

1988 – 1990

* Attended and graduated from The Royal Military College, Duntroon
* Military exchange with Royal Thai Military Academy and tour of Thai/Cambodian border military installations and refugee camps


* Completed Higher School Certificate at Tweed Valley College
* School Captain, Sports House Captain, Regional Athletics Champion
* Academic prize (Dux), Sportsman Medal (Senior)

1979- 1988

* Returned to Sydney after living in Europe and Asia
* Continued to terrify his mother with Australian wildlife surprises


* Lived in Scotland, England, Wales, Hong Kong and Singapore
* Terrified his mother by adopting all manner of insect and animal life


* Born in Tasmania at Hobart Royal Hospital on 22nd February